MAX SIZE: 240v: 5m x 5m ~ QMOTION: 3m x 3.5m

Our electric roller blinds can be powered by 240v motors with either wired or wireless controls.

Up to 3 metres wide - we offer the extraordinary QMOTION wire-free system that enables us to retro-fit motorised blinds WITHOUT WIRING.

Both offer the option to integrate into your AV or lighting system.

powering your electric roller blinds

Depending on the size of your roller blinds, they can be powered by battery or mains voltage (240v) motors.

The QMotion wire-free system happily powers blinds up to a staggering 3 metres wide x 3.5 metres drop. No wiring required.

240v motors power up to 5 metres wide x 5 metres drop

Above these sizes heavier duty 240v motors are available to power longer and wider roller blinds - details of these are available on application.

Qmotion - wirefree motorised blinds

Hallelujah! The extraordinary, amazing and very patented QMotion wirefree system is now available in the UK.

We're authorised distributors and proud evangelists of what is quite simply the leading product in its field.

Qmotion technology enables us to fit motorised roller blinds up to 3metres wide with absolutely no wiring.

Standard 'D'cell batteries last a ridiculously long time (up to seven years), are housed inside the barrel of the blind and can be swopped over very easily.

It's perfect for retro-fitting into new-build homes - and we're being kept busy shading wide doors and windows of new apartments across the capital.

We also supply them to customers further afield - fitting is the same as manual blinds and programming is almost embarassingly easy.

Local controls are by wireless remote, or there's an add-on module that lets you operate your blinds from your SmartPhone.

Alternatively if you've an AV or lighting system you can control it from that (as before, you'll need some extra hardware).

Then again, if all the technology gets too much your blind is touch sensitive - so you can even operate it manually.

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VIDEO: QMotion roller blind

Somfy 240v remote controlled motors

If you're building or renovating - or you've already got power in place - 240v motors are generally the way to go.

And if your blinds are wider than 3metres or longer than 3.5metres the same applies.

Most domestic roller blinds are controlled wirelessly by a hand-held or wall-mounted wireless remote. However they can also be hard-wired or wirelessly integrated into your AV or lighting control system.

Whatever your requirements you'll need a local power supply to the top of your window if you want to avoid surface wiring.

Whilst we have many motors at our disposal, day-to-day we're fans of the Somfy Sonesse 40RTS motor which delivers reliable performance and operates almost silently.

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240v Multiblinds

If you have a multiple adjacent panes of glass - such as large sliding or bifold doors - then our Multiblind System can offer operating and cost savings.

A single motor can easily power up to 10metres of blinds - this works particularly well for customers with an odd no. of windows where the expanse is too great for a single blind and splitting them doesn't work so well aesthetically.

Sometimes though it's just a handy way of simplifying the wiring and control of your blinds.

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VIDEO: Somfy 240v Multiblind [3]

VIDEO: Somfy 240v Multiblind [2+2]


Our ranges of screen fabric are high performance, extra-wide and hang beautifully at wide expanses of floor-to-ceiling glass such as sliding & bifold doors.

They deliver UV protection, reduce glare and are inherently fire retardent.

Depending on the transparency and weave they offer different levels of privacy and light diffusion. Style-wise they deliver a contemporary look that's perfect for modern homes as well as office and commercial applications.

And our screen fabrics maintain their appearance over time. They're super strong with tough PVC component that strengthens and protects. Spills and dirt are not a problem - simply wipe them down with a sponge and soapy water.

We also supply blackout fabrics - but whilst they're great for bedroom, for other rooms we recommend you take a peak at our screen fabrics first.

Chances are they'll deliver the light diffusion and privacy you need. And if your doors are garden-facing, they'll stand up to all the wear and tear...

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design details


Our widest fabrics are 3.1 metres wide. Roller blinds that are under 3.1 metres wide can be made up to 5.2 metres long.

But by turning the fabric 90 degrees ( it's known as railroading) we can produce a blind up to 5 metres wide and 2.9 metres long - without a visible join.

Blinds wider than 3.1 metres wide and longer than 2.9 metres, have the fabric railroaded with a single join - normally towards the top of the blind where it's less visible.

bottom bars

All roller blinds have a bottom bar on the lower edge. This keeps the fabric stable and is an integral part of the blind.

We like to keep it simple - generally we supply our blinds with an aluminium bottom bar wrapped within the fabric of the blind.

Aluminium offers great stability than the lightweight PVC which is standard to the industry, and s better suited to the heavier weight fabrics that we generally supply.