ELECTRIC WOODEN BLINDS                      

Our mains powered - 240v - wood venetian blinds can be raised, lowered & tilted via remote control.

Battery powered motors are available to tilt your slats, with a manual cord to raise & lower.

wide wooden blinds in stained & painted finishes

Our made-to-measure motorised wood blinds are available in a great range of colours and finishes.

Our standard WOOD RANGE are now supplemented by 'PAINTERLY' our new painted wood range.

50mm slats - up to 270cm wide x 200cm drop

Our electric wooden blinds are all available in slats 50mm wide.

Blinds made from 50mm slats are more robust use less wood are lighter this means we can make them a little larger without compromising durability or performance.

Download our fact sheet HERE >>


All our electric wooden venetian blinds are powered and controlled by Somfy - the world leader in the manufacture of window blind automation.

They're available with a choice of 240v or battery powered motors. More details are below...

240v wood blind motors - raise / lower / tilt

Choose a mains (240v) system you can raise, lower, turn and tilt your blind at the touch of a button.

Your motor is kept discretely out of sight - we build it into the headrail - and a power cord connects to your power socket/fused spur.

wire-free (battery powered) wood blind motors - tilt-only

If you don't plan to regularly lift your wooden blind - but to control light and privacy by tilting and turning your slats- you can take advantage of our wirefree battery powered system.

This has a slender rechargeable battery pack - located behind the headrail. The battery is powerful enough to tilt and turn the slats but is not suited to raising or lowering your entire blind.

Many of our clients find they leave their wooden blinds lowered semi- permanently, only raising them occaisionally for window maintenance.

A wire free motor gives them easy, hassle free, plug-and-play installation - that does away with the need to channel or disguise external wires.

remote controls for wood blinds

Whichever system you choose your blind will be contolled at the touch of a button using a remote control incorporating Somfy's patented RTS system.

A central thumb wheel enables you to precisely control the angle of your slats and an up and down button raise and lower the blind ( mains voltage motor only).

They're all sleek and stylish and available in a range of fashionable finishes designed to suit today's contemporary interiors.


Our wooden blinds are available with some optional extras.

Ladder tapes ( for manual operation & 'tilt-only' motors)

You can choose to have a decorative ladder tape that covers the operating cord on the blind - see the image to the right.

Ladder tapes are 25mm wide. You can choose to have your tape match the colour of the wood or be a totally contrasting colour..

We've a a great range of thirteen colourways for you to choose from. You can see them here>>

Ladder tapes are not available for blinds powered by mains voltage motors

Mitred pelmets

If your blind hangs outside your window recess a mitred pelmet is the perfect finishing touch.

As standard, wood venetian blinds are sold with a pelmet that only covers the front face of the headrail. This is ideal when a blind is fitted within a recess but when the blind is face fixed - outside a recess or on the front of a window frame - the side of the headrail remains exposed.

A mitred pelmet - see image - solves this problem and gives you a totally professional finish.