BLACKOUT BLINDS - cellular versus roller blinds

Both our roller blinds and cellular pleated blinds are available as blackout.
Below is an overview re: the advantages of each.

Freehanging roller blinds

Freehanging roller blinds leak light around the edges. There's always a gap and if you're sensitive to light this can pose a real problem.


Case Blackout Roller Blinds - 240v

These offer a virtual 100% blackout - with the fabric closing within side channels.  Ours are supplied with a 'Zip' system that holds the blind fabric in place in the side channels.   Need to be powered by a 240v motor.

Cellular/ pleated freehanging blinds - 24v or battery

If your blinds are fitted inside a recess cellular pleated blinds offer superior blackout to standard freehanging roller blinds. They are fitted flush to the top with much smaller gaps at the sides.

Pleated blinds are an 'as good as it gets' blackout solution for those who want a discreet, superior blackout without side channels or cassettes.

They also work well behind a secondary blind or even shutters - as they are slimline and take up minimal depth.