ELECTRIC DUETTE BLINDS - cellular/honeycomb

MAX SIZE: 4500mm x 4000mm.

Our electric pleated window blinds are available in two pleat sizes - 32mm & 64mm. Depending on your fabric choice, they'll either deliver suberb light diffusion or exceptional blackout.

Available powered by 240v, 24v or battery motors.

fabrics - 32mm or 64mm

Confusingly Duette® fabric is often referred to as 'honeycomb' or 'cellular' or sometimes just 'pleated'.

Its construction offers superior thermal insulation - keeping you warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

Fabrics for windows are generally 32mm or 64mm - they're available in a range of neutral colours and textures - offering either sun-shade or blackout.

Cellular/Duette® blinds can offer superior blackout to freehanging roller blinds as they hang closer to the edge of a recess and are flush at the top.



In all cases the fabric hangs from a narrow headrail and is weighted by a matching bottom bar.

Headrails are available as white as standard - but can be colour co-ordinated to match your fabric.


These blinds are designed to operate on a vertical plane. If your windows are horizontal, or at an angle ( like a conservatory roof ) you'll need electric roof blinds >>

motorisation - 240v, 24v or battery powered

All our electric pleated blinds are powered and controlled by Somfy - the world leader in the manufacture of window blind automation.

Electric pleated window blinds are generally powered by a low voltage motor. Depending on the size of your blind, this can be powered by a transformer or a battery.

Very large blinds - particularly those with very long drops may require a 240v motor.

remote controls

Our pleated blinds are contolled by remote controls that incorporate Somfy's patented RTS system. They're available in a range of finishes designed to suit today's modern interiors.

You can operate your blinds singly, all together or in pre-programmed groups.