Extra-wide, Super-Quiet & Completely Wire-Free.
State-of-the-art motorised roller blinds up to 3 metres wide x 3.5 metres drop.

Qmotion - wirefree motorised blinds

QMotion blinds are simply the best. Available up to 3metres wide and with absolutely no wiring required, they’re ideal for retro-fitting into new homes.

We're authorised distributors and proud evangelists of what is quite simply the leading product in its field.  And we’re kept busy shading (and blacking-out) wide doors and windows of new apartments across the capital (and some offices & houses too!)

As standard, control is by wireless remote – but you can upgrade and operate from your SmartPhone (iPhone or Android). Or, integrate wirelessly into your AV or lighting system and operate from that.

The power pack for your blind is housed inside the blind's tube – it lasts for up to 7years and replacement is very straight forward - cleverly the batteries can be changed while the blind stays in-situ.

They’re super-quiet, deceptively powerful, and house the most advanced wire-free, shading technology anywhere in the world. Read on to find out why…or a QMotion Brochure Here >>

Up to 3m wide x 3.5m drop

QMotion roller blinds are available up to a staggering 3metres wide x 3.5metres drop. That’s big enough to cover 95% of the wider sliding and bi-fold doors openings that we measure in new-build apartments.

You can see examples of some typical Qmotion roller blinds around 3metres wide here >>

How QMotion works

QMotion blinds are often said to be battery powered but perhaps a more accurate description would be that they are battery triggered.  

A heavily patented system employs a series of counter balanced springs that carry much of the weight of the fabric and the load on the motor is reduced accordingly.

Due to the special counter-balancing springs installed within the roller tube itself the batteries provide up to 7years usage based on a daily average of 4 full raise & lower cycles.

In fact when the blind is in operation the power drawn from the batteries must be measured in microamps - 1 Amp = 1,000,000 microamps which goes a long way to explain why the batteries last so long…

Powering Your Qmotion Blind

Extensive testing has proven that a QMotion blind can operate for up to 7 years without battery replacement – allowing for four full raise/lower cycles per day.

However we’re limited in our claims as the warranties offered by leading battery manufacturers are limited to 5 years.

Battery life is dependent on the size of your blind. See the chart below for guidance


Easy Battery Replacement

The power source for your blind is supplied by readily available, alkaline, ‘D’ cell batteries. They’re neatly housed out of sight, inside the barrel of your blind.

Replacement is straightforward. Your blind stays in-situ and the battery chamber is accessed by manually unwinding the fabric beyond its bottom limit.


Yes that’s right – manually.  Unlike other motorized blinds - which are destroyed by attempts at manual intervention - QMotion blinds have a manual override. It’s all part of their extraordinary technology and of course, their charm…

Battery Requirements: 572 - 3000mm wide

Between 4-8 no. D cell alkaline batteries are required per blind, depending on your blind's width.

572 - 1000mm = 4no. batteries      
1001 - 1999mm = 6no. batteries      
2000 - 3000mm = 8no. batteries      

Battery Requirements: 395 - 571mm wide

If you need very narrow roller blinds QMotion has developed a Mini-Blind. And starting at just 395mm wide, it’s the smallest motorised roller blind in the world.

However to enable this, it is constructed a little differently. So for blinds between 395mm – 571mm the blind uses just 3no. Lithium AA batteries

Also the average battery lifespan drops slightly to 18-24 months.


Manual override/operation

Qmotion technology, allows you to operate your blind manually.

By simply tugging the bottom bar you can lower the shade or send it back up. This functionality is more than just a convenience - the manual override function can guard against damage.

‘Normal’ electric roller blind motors will suffer permanent failure if the blind fabric is pulled manually.



A Qmotion roller blind is supplied as a sealed unit.  It’s essential that its inner workings are unaltered in any way as the springs are carefully balanced to take account of the weight and thickness of the fabric.

For this reason both ends of your blind’s tube are fitted with a tamper-proof seal and removal of this will void your warranty.

Each blind is issued with a serial number, labeled discretely on the barrel. This uniquely identifies the blind, and a record of the dimensions, fabric cover and date of manufacture is kept on file by QMotion UK.

The QMotion system demands a level of calculation and attention to detail during manufacturing that is incomparable with any other motorized blind in the market today.


Any of the fabrics from our core range are suitable for QMotion blinds, and since most are 3 metres wide they can be made up to the maximum available size without a seam/join.

And our screen fabrics maintain their appearance over time. They're super strong with tough PVC component that strengthens and protects. Spills and dirt are not a problem - simply wipe them down with a sponge and soapy water.

We also supply blackout fabrics - but whilst they're great for bedroom, for other rooms we recommend you take a look at our screen fabrics first.

Chances are they'll deliver the light diffusion and privacy you need. And if your doors are garden-facing, they'll stand up to all the wear and tear...

Take a look at our fabric range here >>


Qmotion blinds have their fabric welded to a spline designed to slip securely inside a grooved housing in the barrel.

This enables the blinds to be safely unwound to access the battery chamber, but it also enables the fabric – in principle - to be replaced outside the factory.   Whilst this is can be cumbersome for wider blinds, it’s generally still quite possible.

Take a look at our fabric range here >>

Operating QMotion Blinds


All motorized blinds require a top and bottom limit to be set – these are the positions at which your blind will stop automatically.

In addition Qmotion roller blinds are supplied pre-programmed with 3 intermediate limits – sited 25%, 50% & 75% between these top and bottom positions.

Remote controls are supplied with five buttons that send your blinds to these positions. This is a great ‘press once’ solution for sending your blind to the height you want. But it comes into its own for multiple adjacent blinds.

As long as the blinds are the same length and fitted at the same height they'll align at these positions at the touch of a button. Straight 'out of the box', no programming required.

Single channel remote

Multi-channel remote


Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are available in Single, Double or Triple gang versions, and they’re a great way to house your remote controls (and keep them away from little fingers).

Remotes are removable and held in place by strong magnets, while the wall-plates are flush mounted and can be screw-fixed or held in place with double sided tape or similar.

If a remote needs to be “permanently” attached to a wall, our Wall Station Adaptors lock the remote in place, making them virtually impossible to remove without a screwdriver.


Smartphone App - QSync

You can control your QMotion roller blinds via your SmartPhone. The app (iPhone or Android) is free but you’ll need a QSync Wi-Fi module that plugs into the back of your router.

Once you’re set up you can operate your blinds from anywhere in the world. You can take a look at the apps here:

iPhone app >>
Android app >>

Home Automation

Qmotion blinds can connect wirelessly to - and be controlled from - most audio/ visual or lighting systems.

Additional hardware – QConnect - is required.

History of QMotion

QMotion Advanced Shading Solutions is headquartered in Pensacola Florida and is the brainchild of Willis Mullet former owner of Wayne Dalton Corporation, a leading manufacturer in the garage door industry.

Mullet grew Wayne Dalton by focusing on innovation, safety and being a leader in the industry. With more than 200 patents in his name he has now directed his focus and considerable experience to developing new wire-free window shading products.

In the UK QMotion blinds are manufactured exclusively under licence, by QMotion UK.



The tragic deaths of children caused by choking on manual blind cords have been well documented in the press.

But we strongly recommend that children are kept away from all blind controls and window coverings in general whether they are blinds or curtains - either manual or motorised.

Glazing in general is hazardous and playing with any window treatments should never be encouraged or allowed. It's easy to focus safety concerns on windows to upper floors, or cords and chains for manual blinds, but the fact is that automated window coverings can be of particular interest to young children and can create unexpected scenarios.

We have first hand experience of the failure of a very sturdy (mains voltage) electric blind caused by a pre-schooler discovering she could suspend herself from it whilst her playmate pressed the ‘UP’ button. In this case a well upholstered sofa cushioned her landing.

These blinds were fitted at a considerable height in a very spacious,  ground floor Victorian living room. The thought of a three year old dangling 12 ft off the floor while her little brother experiments with the remote control is something that haunts us still.

As it happens the motor was not designed to carry her extra weight and we're fairly certain she didn't get that far.

Fortunately the child survived her adventure uninjured (the blind was a complete right-off)


You can View QMotion blinds here on Flickr >>

And download a QMotion Brochure Here >>