Our electric venetian blinds are operated with radio frequency remote controls. They're available to 3.8 metres wide, with a choice of mains voltage, low voltage or battery operated (tilt-only) motors.


All our electric venetian blinds are powered and controlled by Somfy - the world leader in the manufacture of window blind automation. Depending on the size and slat width, they're available with 240v, low voltage (24v) or battery operated (tilt-only) motors.

wired venetian blind motors - 25mm slat

Choose a low voltage system you can raise, lower turn and tilt your blind at the touch of a button.

A low voltage motor is kept out of sight - we build it into the headrail - and a slender wire connects the motor to a transformer ( located out of view).

wired (240v) venetian blind motors - 50mm slat

Again the motor is built into the head-rail but the motor is generally 240v. There's no transformer but you'll need a convenient power supply close by.

wire-free venetian blind motors

If you don't plan to regularly lift your blind - just control light and privacy by tilting and turning your slats - you can take advantage of our wirefree battery powered system.

This has a slender lithium battery wand - located alongside the motor - within the headrail. The battery is powerful enough to tilt the slats but is not suited to raising or lowering your entire blind.

Often Venetian blinds are left lowered semi-permanently, only being raised occaisionally for window cleaning.

A wire-free motor gives an easy, hassle free installation - that does away with the need to channel or disguise external wires.

remote controls

Our electric venetian blinds are generally powered by Somfy motors.

Movement is enabled by a handset that controls the blind using RTS technology. Controls can be handheld or wall-mounted depending on personal preference.





electric Venetian blinds - sizes & slat widths

All our electric venetian blinds are manufactured using 21 micron aluminium slats - the highest gauge slat available. This makes them far more robust and hardwearing than many venetian blinds in the marketplace.

21 micron slats are less susceptible to being bent by casual contact and hold their appearance over time.

electric Venetian blinds - 50mm wide slat - 240v or battery motor

50mm electric venetian blinds are available up to 3.8 metres wide & 3.6 metres drop.

electric Venetian blinds - 25mm wide slat - 24v or battery motor

25mm electric venetian blinds are available up to 3 metres wide & 3.6 metres drop.

electric venetian blinds - colourways

The following colourways are each available in both slat widths: 25mm & 50mm. We have other colours available only as 25mm slats, call us for more details...

wide venetian blind 7113

7113 metallic

wide venetian blind 7120

7120 metallic

wide venetian blind 0204

0204 gloss

wide venetian blind 0150

0150 satin

wide venetian blind 4806

4806 gloss

wide venetian blind 4459

4459 satin

wide venetian blind 0606

0606 gloss

wide venetian blind 0952

0952 satin

wide venetian blind 4756

4756 satin

wide venetian blind 1858

1858 satin

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