Somfy's 240v RTS motors and the QMotion Wirefree system can both be controlled remotely or integrated into a lighting or audio/visual system.
Qmotion shades can also be controlled by a stand alone SmartPhone app.


The Somfy RTS system enables wireless control of blinds by a radio frequency remote control.


As standard - for blinds up to 4m wide - we specify the Sonesse 40RTS motor which has an integrated receiver that 'talks' to the wireless remote.


Somfy's range of remote controls enables individual and group control of multiple blinds from a single handset.

Hand-held remotes are available with 1, 4 & 16 channels.

Additionally they have a range of wall-mounted wireless remotes - 'Smoove' that offers a single channel control (operating a single blind, or a number of blinds as a single group)




Qmotion technology allows wireless control of blinds by a radio frequency remote control or by SmartPhone.


Unlike 240v motors, Qmotion draws the (tiny amount of) power it requires from standard batteries housed inside the barrel of the tube. But the true genius of the system lies in the technology surrounding the motor.

Qmotion blinds are not so much powered as triggered - with a series of balanced springs (assisted by the motor) moving the blind.

The motor draws power in miniscule amounts, measured in microamps (one amp = one million microamps) which goes to explain the extraordinary battery life.

This technology originates from the garage door market. It is heavily patented and Qmotion blinds are sold as sealed units. If curiosity gets the better of you and you open it up to see how it works, the warranty is automatically void.

Since they're somewhat tricky to put back together outside the factory - and since there is a charge for doing this and a risk of permanent damage to the blind - we recommend our customers limit interaction to changing the batteries once in a blue moon (or for smaller blinds, once every other blue moon).



Qmotion remote controls are available as Single Channel, Multi-Channel ( 7 channels ) and have optional wall-mounts.

Additionally they can be easily operated via a smartphone (IPhone or Android) via a free app (additional QSync hardware is required)




Integrating with Audio Visual and Lighting systems

Both Qmotion and Somfy can be integrated into home control systems.

Somfy motors can be hard-wired or connected wirelessly depending on the motor specification. Additional hardware will be required depending on the project requirements.

Qmotion allows for simple integration, connecting wirelessly via a QConnect module.