Electric Duette® skylight / Lantern blinds

MAX WIDTH: 3 metres
MAX LENGTH 4m - or  8m metres for DuoShades
Available in Sunshield  or Blackout fabrics

Designed to shade sloping and horizontal roof windows, our Duette® roof blinds deliver total privacy, exceptional thermal insulation & UV protection, and diffuse glare completely.

They can be wired-in or powered by solar/ battery motors.

No visible support wires - up to 1500mm wide!

For blinds up to 1500mm x 3000mm there are no visible support wires.

Narrower blinds can be supplied without visible wires, up to 3800/4000mm long, depending on the motor specification.

Above this - up to 3000mm wide there will be 4no. visible wires.

over 1500mm wide  - with guide wires:


under 1500mm wide  -  without guide wires:


how our lantern blinds work...

Our lantern blind system has a four sided framework that supports your  blind & and traps heat (& cold) above the blind.

The motor is hidden away discretely in the headrail. If you've a power supply in your recess, we can connect your blind to that - if not, we've a battery powered motor trickle charged by a solar panel.


solar / battery powered skylight/lantern  roof blinds

Battery powered blinds are supplied with a discrete battery pack fitted beneath the headrail. A solar panel is installed out of sight above the blind, trickle charging the battery & delivering continuous use.



wired-in skylight/ lantern roof blinds

Our wired skylight blinds are powered by Somfy low voltage motors. These require suitable transformers and we have different options to suit your wiring.

Motors are concealed in the headrail - final connections are made out of sight, above the blind.

skylight/lantern blind fabrics - sunshield or blackout

Our fabrics offer exceptional light diffusion (or blackout if you prefer). All deliver excellent thermal protection - keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Blackout for bedrooms & something else, everywhere else.

Duette® Elan is an incredibly effective fabric for light control - even in white, or a light neutral, it lowers light levels and erradicates glare. Most of our customers opt for white, cream or pale grey.

Duette Elan allows you to watch TV and view computer screens in comfort, by lowering the light levels and diffusing glare.

And it will protect your furnishings - depending on the colourway you choose, it'll block up to 99.5% of the UV.

Blackout roof blinds  for bedrooms

For bedrooms Duette blackout fabrics deliver an effective blackout solution with the side channels covering nearly all the light leakage.

privacy & shade

Duette Elan offers complete privacy when viewed from above, as well as delivering exceptional shade.

Duo Lantern blinds - up to 8m long

Duo-lantern blinds solve the problem of shading extra-long runs of glass. We have dedicated hardware and framework to support blinds end-to-end.

Lantern roller blinds

Our skylight rollerblinds are supplied with side channels

The fabric is held under tension and kept within the side channels by a 'fabric tooth' system - rather like a giant zip. This ensures the blinds smooth running - and maintains appearance of the fabric over time.

This type of blind is more suited to very oversized lantern windows and atriums. The video shows a substantial roof roller blind in a white screen fabric.

Electric blinds for skylights &  roof lanterns

Our blinds are suitable for fitting at most styles of horizontal and sloping roof windows. However if your windows open inwards ( like many Velux style rooflights) you'll need to install a blind that can be mounted directly onto the window frame.

Duette versus roller blinds, for lanterns

We believe that most residential roof windows are best shaded with Duette lantern blinds. The fabric is far more thermally efficient and the blind is lightweight and in most cases more practical to maintain.

Very large roof lanterns - over 3m wide - may work better with roller blinds - call us for more details.

remote controls

Our pleated roof blinds are operated by remote controls that incorporate Somfy's patented RTS system. They're available in a range of finishes designed to suit today's modern interiors.

Controls are available as either hand-held or wallmounted.

skylight blind fabrics

Our roof blinds can be supplied in Elan and Elan Blackout All are 25mm.