Duette® Elan is a contemporary fabric - similar in finish to finely woven Egyptian cotton. Superb protection from glare  - even in white - it's a good choice where you've direct sunlight, or just need some privacy.

It is available with 64mm and 32mm pleats. It's great for skylights and conservatory style roofs in narrow pleat widths.

64mm Duette® fabric is unsuited to roof blinds.

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Duette Elan Swan

Swan 32/64mm

Duette Elan Papyrus

Papyrus 32/64mm

Duette Elan Oyster

Oyster 32/64mm

Duette Elan Elephant

Elephant 32/64mm

Duette Elan Raven

Raven 32/64mm


Duette Elan Architella Agate Grey

Agate Grey 64mm

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