Batiste® is a linen look fabric with a natural, organic appearance. It's available in two transparencies Batiste & Batiste Sheer.

This 'standard' Batiste® fabric offers excellent light diffusion and privacy - it is available in duotone (white fabric on reverse) or fulltone (same colour on both sides).

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BATISTE - duotone

Duette Batiste Dolphin

Dolphin - 64mm & 32mm

Duette Batiste Papyrus

Papyrus - 64mm & 32mm

Duette batiste Oyster

Oyster - 64mm & 32mm

Duette Batiste Elephant

Elephant - 64mm & 32mm

Duette Batiste Raven

Raven - 64mm & 32mm

BATISTE - fulltone

Duette Batiste Snow

Snow - 32/64mm

Duette Batiste Dolphin

Dolphin - 32/64mm

Duette Batiste Sheer Oyster

Oyster - 32/64mm

Duette Batiste Dolphin

Elephant - 32/64mm

Duette Batiste Sheer Oyster

Raven - 32/64mm

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