ELECTRIC WOOD BLINDS - £££'s                   

Prices for our motorised wood blinds depend on the size of your blind and the type of motor - 240v or battery powered.

Example Blind Prices

These prices apply to the price of the blind before a motor is added. They are a well intended guideline and illustrate typical sizes. Prices for blind sizes in between these dimensions may vary incrementally.

299cm x 150cm - £428

270cm x 150cm - £393

250cm x 150cm - £370

200cm x 150cm - £307

150cm x 150cm - £227

100cm x 150cm - £171


299cm x 120cm - £363

270cm x 120cm - £333

250cm x 120cm - £312

200cm x 120cm - £260

150cm x 120cm - £193

100cm x 120cm - £146

Ladder tape - add 10% (not available with mains voltage motors)

Motor Pricing

Add these motor prices to the price of each blind...

240v wood blind motors

These mains (240v) motors let you raise, lower turn and tilt your blind remotely

+ £395 inc vat

wire-free 'tilt-only' motors

Allows you to remotely tilt your slats. The blind is raised and lowered manually.

+ £195 inc vat

remote controls for wood blinds

The remote control you require will depend on the number of blinds you install and whether you want to operate them all individually.

As a guide a single channel remote is £50 - a 4 channel remote is £80.

Blinds are generally pre-programmed to remote controls that are supplied at the same time.