electric roller blinds in screen or...
blackout fabric up to 5m wide...
Qmotion battery roller blinds
...up to 3metres wide
cellular pleated blinds for blackout...
or privacy...
cellular blinds for sloping roofs
& horizontal roof lights..
and roller blinds for roofs
up to 5m x 5m
electric venetian blinds ...
up to 3.8m wide...
vertical blinds up to 4.5m wide...
wooden blinds up to 2.7m wide...
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Our electric blinds are designed to shade the biggest doors and windows around. We've specialist hardware for today's bi-fold and sliding patio doors and the fabrics you need to go with it.

With powerful mains voltage motors, impressive Qmotion® wire-free technology and optional integration with your AV or lighting system - we like to think we've got it covered. And we've even got an iPhone app!

electric blinds for doors and windows

We offer all styles of motorised blinds, but around 95% of the blinds we supply are motorised roller blinds - they're the first choice for wide expanses of glass, like bi-fold or sliding doors.

And with nearly all new-build homes basking behind floor-to-ceiling glass, and every new extension constructed around sliding or bi-fold doors - our specialist fabrics are busy making a real difference.

They give you the level of privacy and shade you need to complete your home - available in a great range of neutral tones and weaves.

Designed to shade wide areas of glass they hang beautifully - even when the heat is on. Better still, they're tough as nails and really stand up to the test of time. Find out more about fabrics for motorised blinds here >>

QMotion - wirefree roller blinds - up to 3m wide

For doors and windows up to 3 metres wide we're proud suppliers of the QMotion wire-free roller blind system.

This awesome technology is completely wire-free - no power cords anywhere - which makes it perfect for retro-fitting into new apartments.

Find out more about QMotion roller blinds here >>

240v roller blinds

For larger doors and windows up to 4m (or even above) you'll need a blind motor with an isolated mains power supply. We generally supply Somfy RTS motors controlled by remote control but there are other options depending on your requirements.

Find out more about Somfy roller blind motors here >>

integrating with home automation

If you have (or are installing) an audio visual or lighting control system, the chances are that you can integrate your blind controls. Depending on your system you can connect your blinds wirelessly - or simply hard-wire them straight into mission control.

This neatly streamlines your controls and - depending on your personal preferences - enables co-ordination of multiple, sequential events.

installing your electric blinds

Opt for our full installation service and we'll measure, make, fit and programme electric blinds to your requirements - and throw in some design advice whlle we're there!

Or - if you or your builder have the expertise - opt for supply only and organise the fitting yourself.

We're based in London but we regularly instal across the South East and often goes further afield. Click to find out more about our installation service for electric blinds in London & UK here >>

our electric blind range

We specialise in all types of electric and motorised window blinds including: roller blinds, wooden blinds, venetian blinds, pleated blinds & roof blinds.

electric roller blinds

All our blinds are made to measure and electric roller blinds can be supplied up to 5 metres wide using specialist screen and blackout fabrics in over a hundred colourways.

Our fabrics have been selected for performance - many have superior UV protection with excellent anti-glare and heat protection qualities.

Depending on the size of the blind and the weight of the fabric your roller blinds can be supplied with mains or low voltage motorisation. Find out more about our electric roller blinds >>

electric wooden blinds

Our Wooden blinds are manufactured from top quality basswood from sustainable sources. Our slats are available in two sizes: 25mm & 50mm.

Electric wooden blinds that are manufactured from 50mm slats can be made up to 2.7 metres wide and electric wood blinds made from 50mm slats can be made up to 2.1 metres wide.

Just like our electric venetian blinds, they can be can be made to turn and tilt remotely, as well as being automatically raised and lowered. Find out more about our electric wooden blinds >>

electric venetian blinds

Our Venetian blinds are manufactured from the highest gauge aluminium slat and are available in a range of finishesand in 2 slat sizes: 25mm & 50mm

Our 50mm electric venetian blinds can be made up to an impressive 3.8 metres wide.

25mm electric Venetian blinds can be manufactured up to 3 metres wide.

Our motorisation enables you to not just raise and lower your blind but (depending on the motor) also to turn and tilt the slats at the touch of a button. Find out more about our electric venetian blinds >>

electric pleated (cellular) blinds

Electric pleated window blinds are available up to a staggering 4.5 metres wide x 4 metres drop.

Generally supplied in cellular fabric they deliver superb heat insulation and will keep you warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

They're brilliant for light diffusion and offer great blackout ( often better than a roller blind)

We've a range of neutral colorways - some of which are fire retardant which makes them ideal for offices and commercial installations.

You can find out more about our electric pleated blinds here>>

electric pleated roof blinds

Our roof blinds are made from the same fabrics as our pleated window blinds.

They're discrete and lightweight - manufactured on a tensioned system that allows them to be made in many shapes and sizes - ideal for conservatory and atrium roofs which often have angles and unusual shapes.

Our range of fabrics includes materials with high performance solar reflective coatings to protect from sun damage and heat build up.

Our electrical pleated roof blinds are available up to 1.8 metres wide.

Find out more about our electric roof blinds >>

remote controls for motorised blinds

All our electric blind motors and controls are supplied by Somfy the world leader in electric blind motorisation.

You'll discover more information about their motors and remote controls in each product category, but you can see an overview of all our electric blind remote controls here>>